Window Portraits

May 13, 2024

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Being in quarantine has felt a bit like a trap, in some ways. Knowing my business was definitely closed, temporarily, I went into panic mode, which for me looks a lot like overworking to try to come up with anything that makes sense. Nothing did in that state. It’s always when I stop forcing an idea to come that it shows up on its own. I saw the NYPost cover in a Duane Reade which featured the Statue of Liberty holding her head in her hand and looking bored out of her apartment window. I snapped a picture of it, posted it on instagram as part of a different series documenting my neighborhood, and a few days later the image turned into the idea for Window Portraits.

I was teaching at a Theatre School in Jersey City at the time and I decided to make sure that each portrait would help to sponsor the dedicated students at the school so that they were able to continue their Arts Education as well as finding a way to keep my own small business thriving.

Each portrait session was able to support TWO small businesses during a difficult time for so many. Thanks to all who participated.

Check out this video compilation related to this work.

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