I am made up of a combination of music, art and theater. surrounded by fierce friends and fueled by a love of traveling. 

About Suzanne

Jersey City Photographer

I am wrapped around the fingers of my stupendously smart, gorgeous and creative nieces. They were my bridesmaids! I love them more than I can say. 

My family forms a core part of who I am. My father helped me edit this and is my forever loving and supportive piano man with unmatched dad jokes! My mother tells me I am the best at anything I try. I think she believes it. She is a walking heart of care, goodness and pure love. And she still laughs at my dad’s jokes! My sister is simply the best and yes, I sing the Tina Turner song to her! She laughs. She’s the peacemaker whose baking is a work of art for the eyes, nose and taste buds! My honest and hard-working brother in law reaps the benefits of the baking test kitchen and his best bud is my adorable puppy nephew, the cutest pup there ever was.

I hold onto the dream of once again smelling my grandmother’s sauce simmering on a Sunday morning and hearing my other grandmother humming along to my father’s piano playing. Senses that bring memories flooding back. I long for another dance on the porch with my grandfather to his favorite big band jazz music and having my other grandfather, a perfect tailor, hemming our clothes just a tad bit too short! I’m passionate about supporting families who have a relative with special needs, a commitment close to my heart. I find tranquility and rejuvenation from swimming in a lake and truly love getting to know new people. I cannot WAIT to know more about YOU!

He loves all things raisins and I do not. We find common ground in the fact that bubble tea bubbles are not our cup of tea, however, our love for a “proper” cup of tea, and each other, remains undiminished! 

He likes zombie and horror movies but I hate gore and violence. I love romance and he loves science fiction. We both love all things Marvel. I say tom-ay-toe and he says tom-ah-toe…..literally…..but we aren’t calling anything off!

I share my life with an encouraging, intelligent British gentleman, a love we sealed on the beautiful Island of St. Thomas.

On a personal note

I am a NYC and Jersey City photographer spanning other parts of New Jersey as well, including Hoboken and surrounding areas.

Where I Photograph

collaborate with suzanne

At the end of this process you will also have someone who knows you and your loved ones and who you can call upon to capture your unfolding story.

A gallery of edited, high resolution images.

Impeccable Imagery

A collaborative partner as we lead up to your photo session offering tips and ways to prepare.

A collaborative partner

Prints, Albums, Photo gifts, Holiday cards, and so much more.

Prints + albums

A comfortable, relaxed, fun, made to order photo session where you feel empowered and proud of what we accomplish together.

A Photo Session

One on one attention to make sure all questions are answered and all concerns are heard and cared for.

one on one attention

When you put your trust in me to take photos of you, you will have:

I am your  photographer and collaborator from the moment you reach out to me. 

Kori Rushton

“Suzanne is incredibly talented and is such a pleasure to work with. Her work will be passed down in my family for generations. A time capsule of our most cherished experiences.”

I have been writing down any dreams that I remember since 2008. I have hundreds of pages of dreams written down.

I love PIXAR movies! I used to have Stuffed Animals all over my room as a kid. Hundreds of them. When Toy Story came out I definitely felt I should have come up with that!

I am a bit of a thrill seeker and love adventure... Have been skydiving, went paragliding off of a mountain in Switzerland, parasailing in St. Thomas & completed a triathlon to name a few.

If I could live in the water I would…..Pisces girl.

I am double jointed in my thumbs!

I sang at Gracie Mansion and Carnegie Hall in High School. I currently sing in a band and used to tour with Broadway Musicals.

I'm a fan of Bon Jovi...but I don't want to meet him. When he smiles at me from the stage, and I smile back...well I just want to keep that right there in the stadium!

I know the lyrics to most songs that play on the radio. (My husband says I make up my own lyrics, it’s not true!)

Fun facts about me