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Immortalizing your visual biography through a creative, empathetic lens

NYC + NJ Family Photographer 

My hope and goal is to show what you offer and to bring you back to these moments, reminding you again and again of your unique purpose. I find beauty in people and you are worthy of being celebrated with a beautiful portrait.

I am here to commemorate those moments and capture those feelings through my lens. 

You matter to me…even if we have yet to cross paths! Your significance is undeniable today and for years to come. Whether you embrace this truth with unwavering certainty or doubts, I’d like to affirm again and again that: YES! Your very own story and presence here holds significance beyond measure.

In the quiet moments - the ones unseen by the world but deeply felt within your soul, your actions from that space resonate with intriguing purpose. In times of great achievement, you are worth celebrating! 

and to me?

You matter to your family, your friends, your audience, your world and the world we share.

Your journey through life and your impact on the world around you…..matters!

Your narrative isn’t just a series of events- it’s the foundation of your Visual Biography. 

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You are beautiful to see and interesting to know. There are so many layers to your beauty. You are more than the body you are in and yes, it is perfect just as it is today! You are your story!

People do want to see you in photos! 

Camera shyness is real, I understand, and I believe that if together we honor that, it can be a lovely quality to capture in a photo! Mostly because that is who you are and you are what makes a photo interesting, whether you’re shy or ready to take center stage. 

You deserve this!
You’re worthy of it!
You’re not unphotogenic!! 

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If you have found your significant other, let’s relish in that as well…

My strong belief is to never underestimate the power of your friends! Friendship is not just about moments shared, it’s about the profound impact these connections have on our lives. Do not forget to honor those relationships with everlasting images. 

You and your person

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If you have found your significant other, let’s relish in that as well…

If you have found your significant other, let’s relish in that as well. We will embark on a portrait session filled with laughter and love, capturing the essence of your relationship. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary milestone, just starting out on your adventure together, looking to create a holiday card or simply reveling in each other’s company, we’ll create timeless portraits that capture the depth and beauty of your bond.

You and your person

Ready to make your headshot game strong enough to make your LinkedIn profile jealous? (That’s right…..sometimes I have jokes…though I am not hitting the comedy club circuit anytime soon!!) Let’s have some fun and turn your camera-shy moments into head-turning images that showcase the confident, professional you in a way that’s as effortless as your morning coffee (or tea for those like me who don’t drink coffee! We do exist…..or is it just me?! Tea Drinkers?!!??)


Music and Art is what has made me ME! This combination is my signature in many ways. When I am not behind a camera I am behind a microphone! Let’s tell the captivating story of your artistry. I am always honored to create images that not only document but elevate your craft to new heights.

Performance Photography

Whether you’re seeking to capture moments of vulnerability, strength, joy, confidence or these portraits are a celebration of your truth, it’s also an opportunity to let your imagination run wild to create a work of art together. I will work closely with you to collaborate, highlight your best features and showcase the essence of your personality and creativity, leaving you feeling empowered and confident in your own skin.  

Creative POrtraiture

In these sessions I am always aiming for picture perfect moments and often end up with hilariously imperfect memories. That’s where the magic truly lies! I would be honored to capture your family, biological and/or chosen, in all of their wonderfully wacky glory! 

Family portraiture

How We Can Create Your Legacy

my Offerings

My Uncle had Down Syndrome and his life and the way in which my grandparents and mother lovingly cared for him is why I am specifically reaching out to you. We all have needs…..not fitting into a certain set of needs is a good thing in my book. And I know your outlook on life is just as unique as your routine might be! 

Please connect so that, together, we can capture your very important story!

I am part of a family who understands all of this. 

I know that, for some of you, it can feel overwhelming to even consider a photo session. The what ifs can be debilitating. But if this is something you want and you need to know that patience, time allowances and understanding is first and foremost, I’ve got you! 

I know you and I see you.

For families who have a relative with a disability.

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I am a NJ and NYC portrait and family photographer and the focus of my business is YOU! I am your photographer and collaborator from the moment you reach out to me. 

the founder of Suzanne Fiore Photography as well as the lady behind the lens

Hi! I’m Suzanne.

Lindsay Hyland

“Suzanne does a wonderful job making  us feel worthy of our presence in this  world. She does so because she isn’t  trying to make us look like everyone  else, but brings out who WE ARE.”

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you and your person

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Performance PHotography

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creative portraiture

Family portraiture

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Before we create your next chapter, enjoy reliving some  of these moments captured of my remarkable clients.

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