Stormy Wedding

On this Thanksgiving Day…my gratitude for what I’ve learned from this couple, and from this unforgettable day, is immense!

I read this quote a few weeks ago and jotted it down for this post. “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness…has never danced in the rain.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that everyone who was present at this wedding knows the truth of that sentiment. And we were all led to believe in it through the example set by the bride and groom!

I wasn’t sure exactly how to put a story of this weekend together. I took photos of the windy day before, when plans were being shifted around due to Hurricane warnings, as well as the sunny day after, where we all gathered for Beignets in the park. Ultimately, I decided to share, with you, the moments right before Hurricane Nate showed up at this New Orleans wedding (which happened to be only 1 minute after the bride and groom showed up)… into the moments where everyone is beginning to wonder how the event will unfold in conditions that could have been catastrophic…into the moments when we all learned that happiness can absolutely shine brightly while dancing in the rain.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Photos captured on film from this wedding, and from my time in NOLA, are being featured on instagram.

The flowers at this wedding were done by: pick-a-petal

©Suzanne Fiore Photography