Portraits of a Gift

I wanted to offer you a glimpse into my life for a change. My friends and family celebrated my birthday in the most unexpected and glorious ways imaginable that spanned the month of February. They gifted me with travel arrangements to where they are in order for me to spend quality time with them. Not only was this gift exactly what I needed but I couldn’t ever receive a better gift than quality time with the people that I love! They are the most extraordinary gifts in my life – not only on my birthday. Everyday I have so much to be grateful for…..and I am…..extraordinarily grateful.

The Gift of Them.

February 2017

Quotes by: John O’Donohue

Photos taken in: Ocean Park, Washington

Siesta Key, Florida


Boston, Massachusetts

©Suzanne Fiore Photography

Ocean Park, Washington “Your friends were once strangers. Somehow at a particular time, they came from the distance toward your life. Their arrival seemed so accidental and contingent. Now your life is unimaginable without them. Similarly, your identity and vision are composed of a certain constellation of ideas and feelings that surfaced from the depths of the distance within you. To lose these now would be to lose yourself.”  “The sacred duty of being an individual is to gradually learn how to live so as to awaken the eternal within you.”

Siesta Key, FloridaThe hunger to belong is not merely a desire to be attached to something. It is rather sensing that great transformation and discovery become possible when belonging is sheltered and true.   

Boston, Massachusetts We were sent into the world alive with beauty. As soon as we choose beauty, unseen forces conspire to guide and encourage us towards unexpected forms of compassion, healing and creativity.   “Your noble friend will not accept pretension but will gently and very firmly confront you with your own blindness. Such friendship is creative and critical; it is willing to negotiate awkward and uneven territories of contradiction and woundedness.”

  • Kurt Douglas

    Suzanne Fiore is a gift. Her photographs evoke an emotional journey, encapsulated in time. It was such an incredible experience and joyous time to collaborate with such an extraordinary artist.

  • G-pop

    This was a great time away and a great time spent with ‘my girls’. Each one of them had lots of fun as did I. Suzanne captured each of us enjoying ourselves and relaxing – something we all needed. We’re all coming home renewed and refreshed. Also great to see the Seattle and Boston pics – reminders that no matter how far away we are, our friends are right beside us.
    Thanks Suzanne for turning that into a great visual experience.

  • Lucille Raia

    Your love of people Suzanne is so evident in your photography. As I looked at your work I not only see happy, laughing, thoughtful personas, I can look deeper and they transfer their joy to me. I can actually want to laugh and smile and be pensive just looking at them. My dear young woman you have had many gifts bestowed upon you and the insight into your photography is definitely one of them. God Bless You. You are the Best!

  • Heather

    You have such a lovely way of capturing these moments so beautifully! So nice to see your face in the mix.

  • Thank you all for these beautiful sentiments!