Glendale, California

This mom has a special place in my heart and in my life. This lovely lady lived with me on the road. That’s a special kind of living! And we lived WELL! We laughed most of the time. We jumped like teenagers (when we definitely weren’t teenagers) on hotel beds across the country and when we weren’t having some kind of fun we could also lean on each other for support when either one of us needed a boost. She was an invaluable friend then and continues to be that for me – even from across the country. When I left the tour, she started dating this wonderful man who was part of the crew of our show. They got engaged and I was lucky enough to sing at their wedding. Now they have a remarkably sweet little girl who was an absolute joy to photograph.

Since our time together on tour, my friend has not only become a wife and a mother, she is also a cancer survivor. While she was tackling the challenges of being a new mom she was also facing extraordinary health challenges. She is a strong, brave, and smart woman. My admiration for her continues to deepen and I am in such awe of her and her family. They are a strong unit. They all work together to create a meaningful life for each other and I am proud to be a witness of their love and commitment.

I had such an incredible time playing with this playful, intuitive, and thoughtful little girl. I was beyond honored to photograph this loving family in California! I’m so grateful for the continued laughter and friendship!