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Artist Statement:

In April 2016, photographer Suzanne Fiore and I traveled to Northeastern Pennsylvania to shoot a set of still images amidst the rural backdrop of the country landscape. What began to evolve was a journey that superseded the present moment. It was my past, my roots, my aspirations, my dreams, my ambition, and my future. It was the path my creative life had taken since I left the place I was raised. At the end of our time there, Suzanne and I unearthed around three quarters of what the story would be. The end was rather elusive. It was some months later, while in a tiny harbor town in Italy reviewing the images, that I jotted down some prose that came to the surface of my consciousness. A reasonable concept of written word aligned with the images, but after much discussion, it was clear that the ‘ending’ was still lacking the organic clarity needed to keep the work cohesive. It was only as the year evolved, and Suzanne shot several other projects with me, that the vision ultimately became clear. What I hope to present through these images is a metaphorical evolution of dreams by way of the challenges that ultimately shape who and what we are – both from an artistic point of view and a personal one. While each individual’s journey is unique unto him or herself, I choose to believe that humanity is connected by a fiber that is woven beyond one’s chosen profession. We all have dreams. It is merely the pursuit of these dreams that connects or divides us.

The road. Long with perseverance. Sometimes glancing back. Always looking forward. Departing the paths of familiar. Searching to find the unknown.

Deep in the woods lie blessed moments of light. No thought. Presence and balance align.

Then comes the dark. The monsters unrest. Fear. Doubt. Judgement.

Seclusion becomes the default. Illusions of safety mired in decay.

Terror circles. FIGHT!

FORWARD. It is the only way.

To let go of that which you hide behind.

To float upon that which is uncharted.

To stand victorious above the obstacle.

Armed with experience to navigate the dark, knowing the night will undoubtedly return.

And the woods become your comfort.

And the path becomes your own.

And the road that now you travel.

Is the dream you’ve always known.

By: Lucas SteelePhotography by: Suzanne Fiore

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