This blog post features lovely Ali.

I’m sharing this portrait session with you to give you an example of what it looks like when I bring my studio to your home! My traveling studio consists of one light, a reflector, my camera gear, me and you. A lot can be accomplished with a simple setup.

Home can offer comfort, a unique and personal background, and props that you’re familiar with. I always strive, as your photographer, to make you feel as comfortable as possible with me and with being in front of my lens. I also understand that being in front of a camera can be a real challenge for many no matter how comfortable you feel with your photographer. It’s a challenge for me! Choosing a place where you feel secure can help bring out your most relaxed and honest self. Despite my own discomfort in front of a camera, I always let my nieces take selfies with me or I hand them my camera when they want to photograph me. I do this because I know that one day – when I’m not here – they might want to see me. A photograph gives them that gift. I encourage you to find a way in which to be comfortable in front of the camera. Be in photographs with your kids, friends, family members, spouses, and have a portrait taken of yourself. If being in your home will help you to feel most comfortable, I will bring my studio to you.         

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