A Look Back – 2017

This year in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Boston, Louisiana, California, and Washington we shared laughter together, we cried together, we marched together, helped each other, stood up for each other, fell together, got back up together, sang together, danced in a hurricane together, protested, fought & healed together. We supported one another, posed, smiled, ate, drank & watched sports together. We celebrated new life together, celebrated old(er) life together, we had grand openings, we loved, prepared & performed together. We created art together, heard music together, began new projects together, read books together, volunteered together & we achieved milestones together. We held hands, we hugged, we spoke, we listened, we remembered those no longer with us, prayed together, researched together, we even explored maps together. We drove together and played in parks, on beaches, in homes, and in the middle of the street together.

Now we anticipate a new year together.

I am so grateful for what has passed and for what is to come. Your memories become my memories. I cherish them deeply. And as I look back at what we’ve created this year – my favorite part about it all is that we create these memories together! THANK YOU!

I am honored to join you on this journey. Looking forward to 2018!

Happy New Year!!!



©Suzanne Fiore Photography