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LaG Family

Friendship, love, trust, support, encouragement, honesty, commitment, strength, perseverance, joy, laughter, respect, acceptance, vulnerability, spirituality, understanding, dreams, music, art, & the performing arts are all alive and well between us. I’ve learned these things, received these things and achieved these things thanks to these friends who have been a part of my life’s foundation & growth for over 20 years! Reunited & reminded again that I can still do and be anything I want while being proud of who I already am! Most importantly – I can STILL always be fully me and nothing more or less when I’m with them…

Wishing you all this kind of joy, love, and friendship in 2018!

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Washington Heights Family

As my business grows, my community is growing as well. This year, I was so lucky to meet some incredible new families. The family featured on my blog today is one of them…  

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My First Friends

Every once in a while, I like to give you a glimpse into my life. This glimpse introduces you to people who have been in my life for its entirety.

These are my first friends! They are my friends still. We met at Olivet Presbyterian Church and it’s safe to say that, with the guidance of our incredible Pastor, Lee, and the support of his gracious wife, Louise, I learned what great friendship looks like and how to nurture those relationships. We have been through the best and worst together. We have traveled together, built houses together, learned together, fought together, healed together, celebrated each other’s achievements, and have helped each other navigate through difficult moments in our lives. I have taken that example with me into the friendships that came into my life as I grew and I have certainly been blessed with extraordinary friendships. Friendships that I am very proud of. This group is at the foundation of it all. I love them dearly and I’m eternally grateful that they are still in my life.

These friends and I recently took a trip to visit with our pastor and his wife in Delaware. While we were all sitting around the table together we realized, in between bouts of laughter, that it had been 25 years since we graduated from our confirmation class. Here are a few moments from that reunion…still laughing..25 years later.Olivet Presbyterian Church – Confirmation Class of 1992


Pastor Lee & Louise












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