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Leah & Chris

Capturing the connection between Leah & Chris was spectacular. Not because we planned a magnificent day of activities where Leah and Chris could have shown me how incredibly strong & talented they both are, but because the simple acts of helping one another get ready, walking down the street together or staying close to someone you love on a cold and very windy day is also truly spectacular. I cannot WAIT to photograph their wedding day in Seattle this Spring.   

©Suzanne Fiore Photography

Stormy Wedding

On this Thanksgiving Day…my gratitude for what I’ve learned from this couple, and from this unforgettable day, is immense!

I read this quote a few weeks ago and jotted it down for this post. “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness…has never danced in the rain.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that everyone who was present at this wedding knows the truth of that sentiment. And we were all led to believe in it through the example set by the bride and groom!

I wasn’t sure exactly how to put a story of this weekend together. I took photos of the windy day before, when plans were being shifted around due to Hurricane warnings, as well as the sunny day after, where we all gathered for Beignets in the park. Ultimately, I decided to share, with you, the moments right before Hurricane Nate showed up at this New Orleans wedding (which happened to be only 1 minute after the bride and groom showed up)… into the moments where everyone is beginning to wonder how the event will unfold in conditions that could have been catastrophic…into the moments when we all learned that happiness can absolutely shine brightly while dancing in the rain.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Photos captured on film from this wedding, and from my time in NOLA, are being featured on instagram.

The flowers at this wedding were done by: pick-a-petal

©Suzanne Fiore Photography

Portraits of Kayla

I’m starting this blog with one of my final images from this photo session with this lovely high school senior because when your client, from Minnesota, asks if she can do something with an obvious NYC background…NYC SHOWS UP..and I was very proud of my city! So to the cab drivers who all pulled up to the stop light together, to the tour bus driver who joined them, and to the awesome dude eating his folded slice on the go – I thank you!

Before that final image happened, I had the pleasure of working with this wonderful high school senior, Kayla, on a beautiful Fall day. I had such a great time capturing her and having the opportunity to see so many layers of her beauty and determination. This young lady, Kayla, is a sibling to another young lady, Lindsey, who has Rett Syndrome. This holiday season my business is donating 10% of all gift certificate purchases to rett syndrome research trust, an organization with a mission to drive the development of treatments and cures for Rett Syndrome and related MECP2 disorders. If you’ve been wanting to invest in  the gift of photography for yourself or someone else – now is a wonderful and meaningful time to make that investment. You give as you get with a gift certificate purchase via my online store. Thank you, as always, for your support.

An Upper East Side Family

Meeting this family was simply FANTASTIC! Look how much fun we had…   

Mini session gift certificates are available through my online store.

Billy & Meredith

Billy & Meredith

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A new blog series highlighting the art of caregiving.

Photo narrative by: Meredith Wright

©Suzanne Fiore Photography

My brother, Billy, has a beautiful smile. He also happens to have Down syndrome, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and mild autism spectrum symptoms. It’s refreshing to have an outlet where I can share all the best things about Billy, as so often on forms and in meetings, caregivers are forced to focus on all the things that their loved one can’t do.Billy loves listening to music in the car with the windows down. He also loves to swim with our Dad, and he’ll give you his cheek if you ask for a kiss. When Billy hugs you, it often feels like he’s going to knock you over from how tightly he pulls you close.Billy loves eating at our Grandma’s house. He likes eating anywhere, really.

Since my Mom’s passing in 2015, my Dad and I have been Billy’s co-guardians. Stepping into this role has changed my relationship with Billy significantly. I have always loved him and have been inspired to work in science/healthcare because of his influence on my life. But now that love is fiercer, as an adult sibling relationship involves not only love but also advocacy and caregiving.A few months after my Mom passed away, my Dad and I made the difficult decision to move Billy into a group home. We were fortunate to find a group home near our hometown run by the Arc of Essex County, which also ran his preschool and current day program. I often wish I could clone myself, and have one Meredith go to graduate school while the other Meredith cares for Billy. But since this isn’t possible, I’ve learned to work with the group home managers and staff to make sure Billy’s needs are met. Between Billy’s day program, group home, family, and friends, we work as a team to try to create the best possible “Plan B” in my Mom’s absence. 

Billy has always liked sticking to a routine, and so the new routine we have is that roughly every two weeks my fiancé and I travel from NYC to NJ and pick up Billy from his group home. We drive to our Grandma’s house, playing music for Billy on the way.When we get there, Grandma always has something delicious waiting for us to eat. 

We then have time to hang out, or take care of random little things like cutting Billy’s nails, trying on new clothes for him, or running some errands together. Then we usually meet our Dad later on for dinner, before heading back to Billy’s group home in time for his evening dose of seizure medications.  When we’re together, I try to give Billy as many hugs and kisses as possible, so that he’ll know how loved he is even when I’m not there in person. Since Billy’s verbal skills are not at a level where he can have a conversation, it’s hard to know how much he understands. But when we’re together, he always leans in for huge hugs and kisses. He communicates his love for us this way, and I truly believe he understands how much we love him too.

If you are a sibling of an individual with special needs, please find information, resources, and support here.

If you are a sibling of someone with special needs in NYC, visit sibsNY for resources and support.

A Brooklyn Family

Rolleiflex film scans from this family session are being posted on instagram.