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Glendale, California

This mom has a special place in my heart and in my life. This lovely lady lived with me on the road. That’s a special kind of living! And we lived WELL! We laughed most of the time. We jumped like teenagers (when we definitely weren’t teenagers) on hotel beds across the country and when we weren’t having some kind of fun we could also lean on each other for support when either one of us needed a boost. She was an invaluable friend then and continues to be that for me – even from across the country. When I left the tour, she started dating this wonderful man who was part of the crew of our show. They got engaged and I was lucky enough to sing at their wedding. Now they have a remarkably sweet little girl who was an absolute joy to photograph.

Since our time together on tour, my friend has not only become a wife and a mother, she is also a cancer survivor. While she was tackling the challenges of being a new mom she was also facing extraordinary health challenges. She is a strong, brave, and smart woman. My admiration for her continues to deepen and I am in such awe of her and her family. They are a strong unit. They all work together to create a meaningful life for each other and I am proud to be a witness of their love and commitment.

I had such an incredible time playing with this playful, intuitive, and thoughtful little girl. I was beyond honored to photograph this loving family in California! I’m so grateful for the continued laughter and friendship!


The Broadway Boys

The Broadway Boys are getting ready to get back into the studio to record their next album, “A New Broadway.” I had the great fortune to photograph them on a day when they were recording their new arrangement of Magic to Do. On the same day, they were also creating the video for their Kickstarter campaign. These “Boys” work HARD! I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look at this group recording their single & creating their video. I’m also sharing some photos taken with me during the photo session portion of the day. Did I mention how hard they work?! See for yourself…


They’re fun to look at but you’ll want to hear them too! Today (7/21) is the LAST DAY to get a FREE download of Magic to Do with any pledge! #joinus 

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Kickstarter Campaign Videography: Nate Wind

©Suzanne Fiore Photography

Santa Monica, California

This photo session was filled with much of my own personal joy of having been a witness to the evolution of this family. I met these two lovely people, the parents featured here, when I was touring with Ragtime. He played Houdini and she was Evelyn Nesbit. I watched their relationship begin, grow, and then witnessed their marriage to one another. Now they have 3 fantastic children and I was elated to capture a day with them all at the Santa Monica Pier.


Port Orchard, Washington

Another dear Washington state family is featured here today! They invited me to their new home and, once again, showed me their beautiful selves. This family was so open to me being a part of their day in a very observatory way. There are times it works well to add myself into the family unit and really engage with everyone during our session and, other times, when it works best to stay a bit on the outside and observe. With this family I gently engaged but mostly observed. They really let me watch them this time around. I had the opportunity to pay close attention to how the kids interact with each other, how their wonderful parents interact, and how they all interact, together and as individuals, with their new surroundings. I know I am always saying how honored I am to capture my clients but it’s true every time. When people allow me to not only see who they are but trust me to see that in them – I am deeply moved by that trust. I felt I saw this family more deeply than I did the last time I photographed them all. Perhaps it was because we were in their home or maybe it was because I hadn’t seen them in a while and was discovering new things. We also know each other better now, which always adds another layer. In any case – it was a meaningful experience to be with them. Huge thanks to each member of this loving family for your vulnerability and trust. It truly is an honor!

Seattle, Washington

I am so incredibly grateful to this family for allowing me the opportunity to see how they’ve grown! Capturing them never feels like work. It’s fun the entire time! Being in the beautiful Pacific Northwest again makes this reconnection with their family extra special for me and makes me proud of the life I am able to continue here. Seattle also provides a perfect backdrop for a summer session. Thank you to my dear friend, Heidi, for assisting me. And a huge thank you to the Carman Family for spending this glorious morning with me.