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For the Love of Equality

I struggled to find words that felt right for me to share today. I’m still struggling. A lot of words are there but they are coming up with layers of feelings. So I am staying present with all of it for the day and taking it one moment at a time. In this particular moment, because I feel the urge to say something, I look to my work. 

I had the honor to photograph a wedding in September that was filled with meaning, support, and a sense of calm. The focus was on the joy of love, the gratitude for life, and doing whatever was necessary for people from many walks of life, and with many different beliefs, to enjoy celebrating together. I have been working on these pictures, that also represent equality, and I am grateful that I have this opportunity to share this with you all today. I do know that some very specific clarity, for me, lies in my strong belief in equality for all people. It helps me to feel empowered, through some of my current fears, to share this example that speaks to the beauty of equality. Laurie, one of the lovely brides, was my roommate when I lived in Seattle, and she’s my dear friend. She fought very hard for marriage equality and I know that she would be proud to be part of a continued reminder of what we all deserve to have in this country and around the world. The feeling that we are heard, seen, and treated as equals, in a safe and respectful way, is extraordinarily important to me and I feel it is important to take an opportunity to express myself in a way that speaks to that deeply rooted principle whenever possible. So I share this with you as a way to stand up for, and share, my beliefs. I continue hoping that we can all, one day, join together for an occasion like this one – where the focus will be on the joy of love, the gratitude for life, and doing whatever is necessary for people from many walks of life, and with many different beliefs, to enjoy celebrating together. SFiore_LaurieHeeYon59Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon58Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon15Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon20Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon29Blog  SFiore_LaurieHeeYon41Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon50Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon62Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon68Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon78Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon81Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon91Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon93Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon99BWBlog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon110Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon115Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon138Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon143Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon111Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon149Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon152BWBlog  SFiore_LaurieHeeYon190Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon195Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon176Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon202Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon215Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon247Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon248Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon250Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon251Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon254Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon258Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon259Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon268Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon315Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon320Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon303Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon317Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon316Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon307Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon314Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon331Blog    SFiore_LaurieHeeYon334Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon337Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon339Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon367Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon368Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon372Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon381Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon382Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon384Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon393Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon404Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon398Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon400Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon409Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon422Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon430Blog SFiore_LaurieHeeYon439Blog