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Halloween in Brooklyn

The wonderful people in this post have been supporting my photography pursuit since I began. They always made sure to call me when I would make trips back to New York from Seattle to continue capturing their lives. I feel so very honored that they are still asking me to photograph their growing family. We always have so much fun! I recently photographed their newest child when he was only a few weeks old and, only months later, he’s sharing his gentle and patient personality with me. I am especially excited to feature a very sweet bumble bee to you on Halloween! She has always brought a lot of joy to each and every session we’ve had. She holds a special place in my heart. I’m thrilled to share her joyful energy with you today! Happy Halloween!

PS: (You might spot a lovely ladybug as well.)BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-6 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-7 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-8 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-5 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-27 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-28 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-29 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-21 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-22 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-18 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-3 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-34BW BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-16 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-15 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-9 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-11 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-12 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-1 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-20 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-13 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-4BW BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-25 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-26 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-19 BlogSFiore_Weisberg103016-2

First Family of Fall

I started my fall sessions with this energetic and loving family. We had such a wonderful morning and this season is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the yellow tinting, the leaves beginning to fall to the ground, the crisp air, and the low, golden sun. This family also invited their nanny to join them for their family photos and it was so wonderful to see how much love these creative and fun girls receive from all of the adults around them! We had a wonderful time together! Enjoy taking a sneak peek into how much joy is shared in this family.SFiore_Considine9 SFiore_Considine8 SFiore_Considine6 SFiore_Considine11SFiore_Considine12 SFiore_Considine10 SFiore_Considine44  SFiore_Considine24 SFiore_Considine29SFiore_Considine23SFiore_Considine36 SFiore_Considine35 SFiore_Considine28 SFiore_Considine27BW SFiore_Considine52 SFiore_Considine64 SFiore_Considine62BW SFiore_Considine66BW SFiore_Considine47 SFiore_Considine49 SFiore_Considine53 SFiore_Considine50BW SFiore_Considine54 SFiore_Considine17 SFiore_Considine20BW SFiore_Considine21 SFiore_Considine37 SFiore_Considine46BW SFiore_Considine33BW SFiore_Considine59 SFiore_Considine43 SFiore_Considine58 SFiore_Considine57 SFiore_Considine56BW SFiore_Considine55BW SFiore_Considine72 SFiore_Considine69 SFiore_Considine68 SFiore_Considine67SFiore_Considine74BW

A Strange, Beautiful Woman

This week I asked myself: Would I have evolved differently over these years of my life if I didn’t ever have to:

~find the courage to tell a man to please not grab my breasts without my consent because he decided it was acceptable to do so.

~try finding a safe place to be on the subway when the man sitting next to me pulled out his penis, while intensely staring at me, and continued by pleasuring himself.

~listen to a man tell me “you must have been abused as a child” when I refused to kiss him on a first date while his hand was already moving up my thigh. (For the record I have the great fortune of saying I have never been abused as a child.)

~decide whether it’s safer to show strength by walking right past the 3 men who are making crude gestures at me and yelling profanities or if it is better to walk across the street and risk showing that I was scared because there is no one else around.

~tell a relentless, vulgar, man over and over again that I would not like to go to a private room to have sex with him.

~be told it’s no big deal when a man greets you by saying “Hi Sexy” followed by a hug that immediately feels uncomfortable because of the unexpected choice of words.

~calm myself down after a man just had to pin me against a wall in order to compliment me.

~be nervous saying all of this publicly for fear that I will be told that I am overreacting, dramatic, or strange because of how all of the above made me feel.

If I didn’t ever have to do any of those things in my life – what would that even look like? I will never know. Which brought me to my second set of questions.

What could I do to try to create a society for my nieces where they wouldn’t have to ask themselves these same questions?!? How could I do my part to simply try to make some moments in their life a little less humiliating? Is there anything I can do? How can I be sure that at least I tried for them? I found three answers.

1.-I speak my mind without fear.

2.-I thank the wonderful men in my life who have heard all of the above stories, were just as upset as I was, and never once said “That’s just how men are.”

3.-I vote!

I saw this poem on the train today and it brought me some peace of mind and empowerment. It reminded me to have pride in being a strange, beautiful woman – so that being strange, for any of the things that make up who I am, is ALWAYS a compliment.

A Strange Beautiful Woman

by: Marilyn Nelson b. 1946

A strange beautiful woman met me in the mirror the other night.

Hey, I said,

What are you doing here?

She asked me the same thing.


Self Portrait

©Suzanne Fiore Photography 2013

Day in the Life

As most of you know, I have added a new way of capturing families into my offerings. The best way to explain it is by categorizing the sessions as photojournalism in the home. I will capture the events as they happen. No direction will be given and I won’t move anything out of the way. I will be with you for a half or full day and capture the moments that happen over the course of our time together.

I am so incredibly inspired by the beautiful people who are allowing me to come into their homes to capture their day. The vulnerability that they share astounds me. I often ask myself, after a session, if I would be so brave as to have someone watch and photograph me throughout the day as unexpected moments occur. If ever the answer is that “I don’t think I could be”, I challenge myself to do a little something that makes me more vulnerable to the people around me because I see it as such a beautiful offering. I am truly grateful to you, my clients, for being so open in front of my lens. It turns out to be a gift for me every time. I am in awe of you!

The family featured in the video below spent 2 half days with me.  The first day I spent with the lovely mom in the video, her son, and a dear friend of theirs, who happened to be staying with them. We spent the morning in the home, then ventured off to Governors Island. The second day,when I was able to meet the father of this wonderfully patient and loving young boy, we spent more time in the home and then spent the rest of our time in Prospect Park.

If you would like to learn more about Day in the Life sessions, and would like to see what a day in YOUR life looks like in photographs, contact me here. You don’t have to be a parent. I want to learn more about you and how your presence impacts the world around you by capturing a day in your life as it unfolds.

Part of this package includes a slideshow of your day. You can see a Day in the Life of this family, by viewing the video below. (Please click HD 1080p for a high quality video).