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Lincoln Park

Photographing this family has been such a treat for me this past year as their family grew when bringing their daughter into the world! It has been an honor to be part of the anticipation of her, welcoming her, and celebrating her first year of life. We had a wonderful day in beautiful Seattle’s Lincoln Park where the leaves were beginning to turn yellow and the beach was still bright and inviting. So grateful to have beautiful and fun clients on the east and west coasts! I’m a spoiled photographer for sure!

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Rainy’s 90th Birthday!

Families like this one remind me over and over again why I love what I do. Simple moments, that might go unnoticed to some, bring the most joy to this family. I love looking for those moments when I am lucky enough to photograph special occasions for them. There are times, when I do this work, that technical things go wrong at the worst possible moment or I struggle to get the light to be exactly the way I want it to be, or I wish I had more space or a faster lens. However, most times, when I look for the moments between people or find a private moment happening, everything aligns and just works. Those snaps of the shutter, when I am in that moment with my clients, brings me such contentment. It’s such an honor when you all trust me enough to observe and capture you in your lives. Those moments, that you allow me to share with you, truly inspire me. A few of my favorite moments were the moment this beautiful 90 year old woman saw her maid of honor (from over 60 years ago) walk through the door to celebrate her life with her. Or the moment of excitement on this grandmother’s face when her grandchild and great grandchildren skyped her from Belgium to wish her a happy birthday. I even love the moment when another granddaughter got fed up with her daughter for not eating her yogurt! Or a 3rd granddaughter who finds joy in finding her favorite spot in the kitchen to stand in. Laughter and speeches, family and long standing friendships were abundant in this home! How loved ones look at one another, the comfort of simply being in a room with people you’ve known for so many years, the safety of being yourself with people, laughing out loud and crying when words move you – split second gestures and meaningful relationships were all present in this house for this young lady’s birthday. I find great value in elevating this part of your lives and reminding myself that these seemingly small gestures and reactions should be valued more greatly in our world.

A major theme of this party, as you will see, was London and the Queen. But it was also memories. There were old photos placed around the house. Albums were being passed around during the party and the stories, of days gone by, that went along with them brought so much energy to the day. I was, once again, reminded of why this work means so much to me. I love what I might be adding to people’s lives now but also for the lives of those yet to come. It confirmed why it’s important for me to nudge my clients to invest in high quality prints and photo albums too! To preserve these moments so the future can see how you’re living now! Moving your life forward into the lives of those who come after us. Most importantly, to be part of such a wonderful day, and to have the opportunity to relive it as I put this blog together, is what brings me immense joy. Being part of, and capturing, the moments in the lives of my clients is a true gift. I thank you.

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