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Jennifer & Jerry

When I first met Jennifer and Jerry, I knew I would love photographing their wedding. This couple was so relaxed and wanted nothing more than for me to capture the joy of their day. The day was filled with laughter, dancing, friendship and lots of love. Jennifer and Jerry took everything in stride and seemed to be able to stay present for every moment. It truly was a joy to be a witness to their marriage and to be surrounded by their loving friends and family. Many thanks to my second shooter, Amanda Taraska , for her keen eye and supportive nature.

Sending many wishes of continued happiness to you, Jennifer and Jerry.

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Marberg Family

I met this wonderful mother when she and I were in training for a triathlon. When she and her husband had their first child, I had the pleasure of photographing the three of them. Now the family has grown and I had the chance to meet their two younger children, who are adding a lot of fun and adventure to the world. They are all now living in Sweden and I was honored that they asked me to spend this beautiful day with them all in Central Park. We had so much fun on a beautiful, sunny day in New York City.

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