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Wet Plate Portrait

Since I have been back to NY, this photographic process has kept me motivated and focused. It seems so surreal that this process even found me (or I found it) right before I left Seattle. After studying photography there for 3 years I didn’t expect to start something new upon completion of the program. So I began looking for opportunities to continue working on it upon my arrival back here in New York. I have found the Penumbra Foundation and Pioneer Works to be wonderfully supportive environments for alternative photographic processes. I just spent this weekend at Pioneer Works, practicing and practicing some more. This portrait, however, was taken at Penumbra.

This process forces me to be patient. It forces me to be steady. It challenges me to be precise. And, no matter how great I get at all of those things, the process will always result in imperfect plates. And that imperfection is what I love most.

The way I pour the chemicals each time will change the way one image looks from another. And because the process requires you to develop each image immediately after capturing the image, each photograph is one of a kind. Much like the model you see here! Matt, my incredible friend, and phenomenal bass player has been enthusiastic about all of my endeavors since we met. Did I mention the models need to be patient too? Especially as I am continuing to practice this technique. I am so grateful for this guy, for his calm demeanor, and his trust in me.

This is the beginning of some new work that you will be seeing from me. I am about to spend the next few days, fully immersed in this process, as I get ready to start a new fine art project. So I will be sharing more wet plate images with you soon!

Thanks to all who find interest in what I’m doing and for the constant support.




Best Friends

What a gift it was for me to photograph these two beautifully vibrant women. They’ve been best friends since they were children and now they are both expecting children a month apart from one another. It was an incredible joy to be in their presence. They have so much love and comfort between them. They laughed endlessly and knew just how to get the other one riled up and smiling simultaneously. Their joy was contagious and I was so grateful to be a part of it.

I saw this sentiment on a greeting card the other day and jotted it down because it reminded me of these ladies.

“We are so hilarious, I feel bad for the people who don’t get to listen to our conversations and enjoy our hilariousness.”

Wishing you all some of your own hilariousness today!

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My friend, Stephanie

I’m taking the opportunity to celebrate my dear friend, Stephanie. Just because!

I didn’t expect to move to Seattle and find a friend who so quickly felt like my friend for life. But I did and am so grateful. She is not only a magnificent friend but a wonderful mother. I adore her girls tremendously and had the opportunity, thanks to her thoughtful husband, to be with them all as Stephanie celebrated her birthday this year. Stephanie is such a down to earth, loving, caring, thoughtful, and strong woman. In fact, I met her at a boxing class and I am still scared to spar with her in the ring! I’m so glad that she allowed me to take out my camera and photograph her with her kids, just as we were all lounging around. This is the stuff I love. The moments of every day life standing still in a photo. As well as some portraits of Stephanie’s incredibly cute and fun daughters, of course! In fact, I am looking to practice this approach more in the upcoming year. I want to take a more documentary style approach to capturing families. So any families willing to allow me to be a fly on your wall at home, send me a message. I will be reaching out to some families soon. So stay tuned and, if you’re interested, reach out to me. Stephanie – thank you for your support and inspiration! You amaze me every day.

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