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Claire & Nate

I have been so grateful for so many things over the past few years. This year I am so extraordinarily grateful for my clients! This particular couple was such a joy to work with. The bride and her family have been in my life for quite some time and I was truly honored to be the person to capture this beautiful wedding day at Tribeca Rooftop. The bride and groom made a special tribute to their ancestors by choosing to be married on the same day the bride’s Grandparents were married. 60 years in between celebrations and all of that history and love resonated on October 16th, 2015. Wishing all of my clients a Happy Thanksgiving today. An extra thank you to my assistant photographer Amanda Taraska for all of her hard work. Especially grateful for this extraordinary couple for allowing me the opportunity to witness their love and marriage.

SFiore_ClaireNateDetails2 SFiore_ClaireNateGettingReady10B&W SFiore_ClaireNateDetails32 SFiore_ClaireNateDetails12 SFiore_ClaireNateGettingReady66 SFiore_ClaireNateDetails19 SFiore_ClaireNateDetails14 SFiore_ClaireNateGettingReady55 SFiore_ClaireNateGettingReady178 SFiore_ClaireNateGettingReady189 SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait1SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony31B&W SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony58B&W SFiore_ClaireNateDetails38 SFiore_ClaireNateGettingReady98B&W SFiore_ClaireNateGettingReady149 SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony67 SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony7SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony17 SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony72B&W SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony65 SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony78 SFiore_ClaireNatePostCeremony139 SFiore_ClaireNatePreCeremony108B&W SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony24 SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony25 SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony47B&W SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony58B&W SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony36B&W SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony105 SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony116 SFiore_ClaireNateCeremony118  SFiore_ClaireNatePostCeremony12 SFiore_ClaireNatePostCeremony SFiore_ClaireNatePostCeremony7 SFiore_ClaireNatePostCeremony54 SFiore_ClaireNatePostCeremony65B&W SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait2 SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait9 SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait13B&W SFiore_ClaireNateBridalParty5 SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait17 SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait28 SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait33 SFiore_ClaireNateReception9 SFiore_ClaireNateReception140 SFiore_ClaireNateReception154 SFiore_ClaireNateReception90B&W SFiore_ClaireNateReception95B&W  SFiore_ClaireNateReception102B&W SFiore_ClaireNateReception97SFiore_ClaireNateReception100B&WSFiore_ClaireNateReception67B&W SFiore_ClaireNateReception38 SFiore_ClaireNateReception22B&W  SFiore_ClaireNateDetails86 SFiore_ClaireNateDetails89 SFiore_ClaireNateReception175B&W SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait24 SFiore_ClaireNateReception198 SFiore_ClaireNatePortrait34

Backyard family photo session

This family welcomed their second baby girl over the summer and I couldn’t be more ecstatic for them. I met this mom in college. She transferred into the school during our second year and I knew from our first encounter that we had the potential to be great friends! So far, we have reached that potential. When she met her husband, I gained another great friend and I have been so grateful for their willingness to stay connected through the many different directions we have all taken. Now they have 2 incredibly lovely daughters and I had such a fantastic day with all of them.  Even their dog modeled for me! I know I say this often but it truly is such an honor to capture the bonds I see between people. And when I already have a bond with the people I am photographing myself, it is truly a gift to notice even deeper layers that I may not have seen before. I will never be able to say enough about how much love exists within this family. All I can do is hope that what I see comes through for you to see, and experience, as well.

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Wall Street

I can’t get enough of this savvy NYC kid. She is not only a smart and strategic chess player but she can navigate the streets of downtown Manhattan better than most adults I know. She is a fun loving, street smart, aware little girl. I am so proud that I have had the pleasure to know her when she was only a few months old and now have the opportunity to see what a beautiful little girl she has become. When she was younger, she had this very focused and serious face and i caught glimpses of that same face while photographing her, along with a face of pure joy and love for her wonderful parents. Her mom ran around with her in heels and her dad was a good sport when he lost a chess game to his mini chess master. Feeling very grateful to know & capture so many wonderful families, including this one, on both coasts.SFiore_Annabelle47 SFiore_Annabelle12  SFiore_Annabelle4 SFiore_Annabelle58 SFiore_Annabelle56 SFiore_Annabelle43 SFiore_Annabelle42 SFiore_Annabelle38 SFiore_Annabelle53 SFiore_Annabelle61B&W SFiore_Annabelle67 SFiore_Annabelle68 SFiore_Annabelle63B&W SFiore_Annabelle110B&W SFiore_Annabelle81 SFiore_Annabelle72 SFiore_Annabelle75 SFiore_Annabelle74 SFiore_Annabelle104 SFiore_Annabelle82 SFiore_Annabelle86B&W SFiore_Annabelle98 SFiore_Annabelle103B&W SFiore_Annabelle94 SFiore_Annabelle90B&W SFiore_Annabelle108 SFiore_Annabelle96B&W SFiore_Annabelle109 SFiore_Annabelle113B&WSFiore_Annabelle117