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Snug Harbor Cultural Center

I adore this family so much. When I started this journey in photography they trusted me from the start to begin capturing the moments in their lives, at the time, with their first son. Now there are two incredibly sweet and fun little boys and, every time I photograph this family, it feels like I am spending quality time with dear friends as opposed to clients. I think the photos tell more about this family than my words will. But I will say that I am so grateful to this family for their faith in me. It’s a pleasure watching their family grow.

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Neem & Jesse’s baby girl

Remember Neem & Jesse’s maternity shoot? Well their beautiful baby girl has arrived. It is such an extreme gift to be able to capture the very beginning of this little one’s life. She has such a loving family and from the small amount of time I have spent with her parents, I can see that she will have a lifetime of fun, an enormous amount of support, and lots of love. Welcome to the world sweet baby.SFiore_Anjali82B&W SFiore_Anjali2 SFiore_Anjali3 SFiore_Anjali36B&W SFiore_Anjali45 SFiore_Anjali41 SFiore_Anjali48B&W SFiore_Anjali43B&W SFiore_Anjali25 SFiore_Anjali35 SFiore_Anjali38 SFiore_Anjali80 SFiore_Anjali73 SFiore_Anjali75 SFiore_Anjali84B&W SFiore_Anjali79 SFiore_Anjali85 SFiore_Anjali67 SFiore_Anjali23 SFiore_Anjali22B&W

Lincoln Park

I absolutely love photographing in Lincoln Park and had such a great time exploring the park with this family. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we took advantage of the playground, the beach, the trees, and some climbing rocks. Then I got a bit of show and tell time featuring a favorite stuffed animal that was brought along for the day. When I was a kid, my stuffed animals were extraordinarily important to me. So I fully understood the excitement of showing it off. What a fun day!

SFiore_Fuller4 SFiore_Fuller44B&W SFiore_Fuller5 SFiore_FullerFamilyBlog2SFiore_Fuller57 SFiore_Fuller38 SFiore_Fuller39B&W SFiore_Fuller40 SFiore_Fuller43 SFiore_Fuller15 SFiore_Fuller13 SFiore_Fuller20 SFiore_Fuller16B&W SFiore_Fuller19 SFiore_Fuller14B&W SFiore_Fuller21B&W SFiore_Fuller7 SFiore_Fuller11 SFiore_Fuller22 SFiore_Fuller24  SFiore_Fuller55B&W

Desiree & Jason

What we thought would be a rainy day for this wedding turned into a beautiful sun filled day. Jaleo Photography ( and I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful day for Desiree & Jason. Their sons were the ring bearers and children were a wonderful addition to this celebration. I love the opportunity to observe a child’s curiosity and playfulness. A wedding is often a time when both seem to show up. Watching them observe the celebration and having an opportunity to capture them in an element where dancing and high energy is shared by everyone is so fun for me.  Children also bring out the fun and joy in the adults as well, which is always great to capture. We photographed this wedding on the night of the lunar eclipse which added even more wonder and excitement to the evening. Wishing continued happiness to Desiree & Jason.

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_DSC8331 Wedding

Jody & Sean

The word honor was the highlight of this wedding.  The father of the bride’s endearing speech about his son in law deserves the credit for bringing the word to the forefront. But I would like to jump on board and say that it was a true honor, for me, to capture this day. Jody & Sean’s wedding set a new standard for what, I believe, weddings symbolize. Although I will remember the ice cream truck pulling into the alley to serve dessert, and the arch of books where vows were spoken, what I took with me is the incredible amount of joy and love that surrounded the entire day. Every moment was filled with a meaningful moment or gesture. Not only do the bride and groom have an enormous amount of love and respect between them but every guest in attendance had a high level of love and respect for the couple as well. Many times, I found myself tearing up, which is not helpful when trying to view an event like this through the lens. But again, I am so honored and grateful to have been a witness to it all and am grateful to each and every person in attendance for sharing their emotions with me that day. Congratulations to Jody & Sean.

Thanks to Heidi Bruns for second shooting with me!


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SFiore_JodySeanCeremony3 SFiore_JodySeanCeremony6 SFiore_JSDetails34B&W SFiore_JodySeanCeremony25 SFiore_JodySeanCeremony26 SFiore_JodySeanCeremony28 SFiore_JodySeanCeremony44B&W SFiore_JodySeanCeremony63 SFiore_JodySeanCeremony64 SFiore_JodySeanCeremony60 SFiore_JodySeanCeremony61SFiore_JodySeanCeremony39  SFiore_JodySeanCeremony59B&WSFiore_JodySeanCeremony55B&WSFiore_JodySeanCeremony108 SFiore_JodySeanReception90 SFiore_JodySeanReception88 SFiore_JodySeanReception103 SFiore_JodySeanReception97B&W SFiore_JodySeanReception100B&W SFiore_JodySeanPortrait1B&W SFiore_JodySeanReception73B&W SFiore_JodySeanReception75SFiore_JodySeanReception11 SFiore_JodySeanReception24 SFiore_JodySeanPortrait9 SFiore_JodySeanPortrait3 SFiore_JodySeanPortrait10 SFiore_JodySeanPortrait2B&W

Washington Park Arboretum

There was no better way for me to start my Fall family photo sessions than to photograph this family in Seattle’s beautiful Arboretum. Last year I had the pleasure to photograph this family amongst the Dahlia gardens and this year we had a vast amount of colorful trees to explore. However, I would have to say, that this family brings brightness and joy wherever we go. They are about to welcome another child into their family and I couldn’t be more excited for all of them. The new member of the family is entering into a fun and love filled family with a big sister who is simply spectacular.



SFiore_Carman1 SFiore_Carman3 SFiore_Carman5 SFiore_Carman6 SFiore_Carman13 SFiore_Carman17 SFiore_Carman20B&W SFiore_Carman23 SFiore_Carman28 SFiore_Carman30 SFiore_Carman34 SFiore_Carman38 SFiore_Carman41 SFiore_Carman42 SFiore_Carman45 SFiore_Carman47 SFiore_Carman52B&W SFiore_Carman53 SFiore_Carman54 SFiore_Carman55 SFiore_Carman59 SFiore_Carman65 SFiore_Carman66 SFiore_Carman69B&W SFiore_Carman70 SFiore_Carman72  SFiore_Carman79  SFiore_Carman82SFiore_Carman81SFiore_Carman76