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Thesis Exhibit Closing Day

Sometimes things don’t turn out quite as we planned. I certainly never thought I would live in Seattle. I never thought I would become a photographer. I never imagined loving any other art form as much as I love music. But all of those things happened, and more.

Today I took down my first fine art photography exhibit. I thought I would be sad or disappointed that it had to come down. To the contrary, I feel proud and accomplished. I did it! I did more than I ever intended to do when I first decided to move to Seattle to pursue my new found passion for photography. I have grown leaps and bounds as an artist and have enjoyed the evolution of my work. With the help of the incredible staff and faculty at PCNW, I have found a way to be inclusive of all creative parts of myself and figured out how my love of music can live simultaneously with my love of photography. I have so many new ideas and am eager to get started on the next project.

I feel an enormous amount of Gratitude for the endless support that I have received. My family and friends (old & new) have shown up for me at every turn. I have had a steady stream of visitors fly in from NY and LA to see the work that I have done. I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s an overwhelming feeling to have people believe in you in such a proactive way. Even strangers have trusted me to use their cars, homes, props, and whatever else I dared to ask for, to make this project come to life. Those strangers, turned friendly neighbors, then showed up to see the final exhibit. Near and far I have received words of encouragement, assistance to make it all happen, and so much love. I thank you all! My friends and family who have been showing up for years, and the friends I have made here in Seattle who have decided to support me and believe in me without much history between us…..I am forever grateful.

For this particular project, I owe so much of my gratitude to my Grandparents. To my Grandfather for leaving a legacy of such beautiful photographs of my ancestors, and to my Grandmother for sharing her stories about their life together with me. This project was, in many ways, a celebration of them as well as a reminder of what a significant gift it is to capture, and eventually leave behind, our life stories for those who will follow us.

Sometimes things don’t turn out quite as we planned, and I’ve learned what a beautiful gift that can be!

Love to you & thanks for taking the time to read my blog.



(Below is documentation of the gallery space where my work was exhibited. Feel free to check out all of the images, sound clips, and musical pieces in the gallery and home movies sections at

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