I love people. I love people when they love, care, and genuinely show their vulnerabilities and strengths. An honest connection between relatives, couples, children and friends is what I feel honored to witness in my work.

I learned about true caregiving and strength from watching my family care for one another. Especially from watching my grandmother, grandfather, and mother, care for my Uncle Kenny. He had down syndrome and was very low functioning. My grandmother's fierce love and determination to care for him is what made my Uncle more able in his life than any disability could try to define him as. When my grandparents died, my mother took over this role in my uncle's life and nurtured him with the same dedication that my grandmother had and did this until the day my uncle died. Because I don't have a lot of proof of this love, in photos, I am eager to carry on my family's legacy of caregiving by making sure to gift future generations of families with proof of their unique stories and relationships. The relationship between an individual with special needs and the people closest to them in their lives astonishes and inspires me. I believe more visibility of that kind of love and care would benefit all of us.

I hope you will consider giving me the opportunity to work with you and your loved ones to create memories that will capture a one of a kind chapter of your life.